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Cygnus X1 157 !BTX!

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ENGINEERING INCLUDES: 1. SOS - Sandwich Over Sandwich- this is the backbone of the mad-pop and compression energy often referred to as Top-Pop. 2. SSHBS - Seamless Self Healing Biopolymer Sidewalls that glow in the dark in tribute to Chernobyl. One piece perimeter sidewalls with super impact resistance, rebound, vibration reduction, and the healing proper- ties of a human body. 3. MOS - Magnesium Oxide Strand- uses up to 30% less petroleum matrix products (environMENTALLY friendlier) and is almost twice as strong as traditional fiberglass. 4. FELT - Farmed Eco Light Timbers- super light dead trees that were bred and butchered with compassion for the nutritional balance of the surrounding soil for future generations of offspring. 5. ZAAP - Z Axis Air Polymer- space age polymer engineered to be stronger in one direction than the other. 6. ULEGT - Ultra Light End Grain Timbers- the lightest farmed timbers known are oriented top to bottom in the middle of the core for max lightweight strength efficiency. 7. VTR - Vectran Torsion Rods- Vectran power fibers arranged in a torsional X for corner-to-corner energy transmission at minimal weight (26% lighter than carbon). 8. BEANS - Earth friendly, Bio-Plastic top skin made from castor beans that features the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any top sheet in the industry. 9. OYMT - Oh Yeah, Magne-Traction- board of the future will always be equipped with Magne-Traction. Magne-Traction turns ice into powder! Unreal edge hold in all conditions! 10. BT - Numerically Enhanced Banana Technology- Rocker between your feet. Control between your feet!

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